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cloudcomputingWhen computing first began to connect to the Internet and other similar services, what it provided was simple display of basic information with limited interaction.  In the 21st Century, computing and the Internet are so intertwined that in many cases there is no longer any separation between the two.

This new era provides businesses with unprecedented options for increasing productivity without adding great expense.  Whereas previously mail & application servers, PBX phone systems, tape libraries, and other expensive IT infrastructure was required in order to provide necessary business functionality, now it can all be provided through a host of online services, otherwise generically known as Cloud Computing.

Quixotic Computing offers several different cloud-based solutions and can help you decide which options would be right for your organization.

Office 365 for Small Business Premium – a service that provides you with the latest version of Microsoft Office plus business-class email, a public website, web conferencing, and document sharing.  Excellent for companies standardized on Office and accustomed to Outlook for email and collaboration.

Microsoft Exchange Online – just the email and messaging system of Office 365 at a very low monthly rate. Works with Microsoft Outlook, provides push mail to smartphones and webmail access through  Great for those who want a business-level email system but do not want or already have Microsoft Office.

Google Apps for Business – Business-class Gmail and Google Docs, connected to your domain name and web site.  Shared online storage and collaboration between many of Google’s well-known services.  A good choice for small to medium businesses, especially those familiar with Google’s family or products and services.

Automated Online Backup – a hands-off completely automatic backup system that backs up your files to your online vault with each addition and edit.  Several plans are available, from individual workstation plans to server and database solutions.

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