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QCLogo1995Quixotic Computing was formed in 1995, as computing entered the Internet Age, and as Windows 95 was just being released to the public. Our goal was to help the companies and consumers of greater Grand Rapids and the West Michigan region with their computing needs in this new era.


QCLogo2000Over the last two decades, we have helped dozens upon dozens of individuals and organizations, from the average home consumer to large enterprise companies (see some of our more recent clients on our Client List ). The wide range of our services that we provide has allowed us to fill whatever gap our clients have in their Information Technology, from a simple virus and spyware cleanup to complete systems and network administration.


QCLogo2008As technology evolves, Quixotic Computing strives to keep astride with the changes as they happen. Mobile devices, cloud computing and biometrics all promise to revolutionize the way we live and work. On the flip side, viruses, spyware, and other malware threats become increasingly more sophisticated and dangerous, while new threats loom on the horizon. Now, as then, our goal is to aid our clients with current and emergent computer needs and guide them through the technological dangers and pitfalls as we continue into the 21st century.



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